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Drop Arm Awnings – Overview

This awning suitable for outward opening windows. It can shade the window and allow the air to flow around it, making them the perfect choice for those hard to reach windows and allowing more room around a balustrade.

Protect your windows from sunlight

A perfect choice for upper floor windows

Easy to operate

One of the best ways to ensure privacy

We are your local experts in designing and constructing Drop Arm Awnings with an exclusive range of fabrics to suit your requirements, be it for residential, commercial or strata applications.

We are Australia’s leading provider of window furnishing solutions, with the latest designs, colours and technology all at affordable prices.

Stop heat before it enters your home with this stylish and economical drop arm awning. Block out up to 70% of the suns solar heat and significantly reduce your energy bills. Advanced motor technology will ensure quiet operation and easy to use controls, which can help you control how much or how little of the suns energy you allow into your home.


Motorised Awnings

The convenience of motorised blinds and awnings can’t be overstated. Whether it’s remote or mobile phone control or voice activated smart home control, make your life easier with motorised window treatments. Consider motorising your awnings to easily control multiple levels of the house from one remote control or smart phone app.

Installed by Professionals

We have a team of skilled professionals who are experienced in home product knowledge, creation and installation. Our products are custom-made, so you can be assured that it will be a perfect fit. We use only the finest Australian materials.